Goald Football Management

GOALD Football Management (GFM) is a company in the football industry that provides guidance, advice and representation, to players, coaches, managers and clubs.

We provide a consultations service for player recruitment to clubs at all levels.

We pride ourselves on the first class professional service that our team of qualified industry leaders provides to players.

From the formative stages of a new career up until retirement, we organise and assist with all aspects of career moves, from contract negotiation, sponsorship, lifestyle support to financial planning and legal advice.

GOALD Football Management was founded by George Munro following an extremely successful career as a leader in the world of Financial Services. With his vast experience of corporate life and business strategy, George understands the importance of building the company on the right foundations. Fielding the right team is fundamental to success in any field of endeavour, and this axiom is especially true in the world of football. Essential to the success of any team is the strength and the expertise of its leadership. Here at GOALD Football Management we are confident that our team of industry professionals can compete with the best, delivering our promise of a first class service to all our clients.

GOALD Football Management has strong connections right across the EU and represent players and clubs throughout the UK. We strive to deliver a professional service to our clients, while simultaneously protecting a professional reputation in our industry.

Our philosophy at GOALD Football Management is simple.

"Our clients concentrate on their personal career development; we concentrate on providing the support."